How does this work? Drag-and-drop statements based on how important they are to you, and how well your team currently performs. Your answers will be compiled anonymously to identify where you can improve.

Imagine you've been asked to rate a team on the following behaviors

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Team Foundations

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We focus on the most important things
We are efficient in our meetings
We hold ourselves to high standards
We have clear roles
We admit if we are wrong or don't know
We genuinely care about each other
We deliver on our commitments
We don't let resentments build up
We make decisions quickly
We have fun together
We actively surface & address problems
We don't let our egos get in the way
We communicate well
We feel safe with one another
We give honest feedback to each other
We let good ideas come from anywhere

Try placing a few statements on the grid

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We don't do well
We do well
Relatively more important to me
Relatively less important to me